About Angi

From my brain to this brand!

I am an up and coming comedian turned entrepreneur. Angi's Shop LLC was recently founded in Anaheim, CA during the COVID-19 pandemic. I already had a podcast (TWS with Angi B) and the Just_Angi brand stemmed from topics and nonsense discussed on that podcast. My personality is a lot to take in and creating this brand is basically a way to find those who can appreciate my nonsense. I'm currently a one person operation and i screen print each item myself. I fulfill orders chronologically from this site and Etsy so please understand that on some occasions there may be some slight shipping delays.


I'm always coming up with new product ideas and I always have standup shows in the Los Angeles area that you should come to, so be sure to join the mailing list!

Thanks for stopping by!


Angi Bell

Angi's Shop Owner